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Sunday Zoom Bible Study Worship

December 5, 2021 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm GMT



On the first Sunday of the Month, 10:30am you are invited to join a partnership between the Kairos Movement, Andy’s churches in York, and those who are part of the digital diaspora which developed over lockdown! We join for a time of Bible Study.

We’ll start with a stripped down gathering, centred on the bible, but as things develop, we’ll learn how we want to develop our gathering and worship.

Each Sunday, we aim to walk through the E100 New Testament Essential Bible Readings, as a series. Andy will offer some brief reflections and background to the readings, as we read through them together and prompt some discussion as we do so.

It is not our intent that this forms the defacto worship or gathering for Kairos, in fact just the opposite. We hope rather than new forms organically (and less traditional and Sunday focussed!) emerge from our small groups. In fact, we arguably have already worshipped in our walking and deep talking! This time together instead builds on a new form of gathering in Andy’s churches during lockdown, and for some it is a place of difference from their traditional diet. We are simply offering it to Kairos as an initial option within our developing spiritual diet for ‘Breathing-In’ and an early opportunity to gather and work out how we might work together to shape our communal gatherings and worship.

To join us in Sunday you’ll to click the zoom link, or enter the meeting details below, but you are welcome to do so any time we meet. We look forward to meeting you.

Details Entry
Zoom Meeting ID 870 3074 7784
Password kairos
Zoom Link Link
Dial in +44 330 088 5830
Dial code entry 960929

To download an ics file to enter all the dates for the study in your own diary, click the button below.

Southlands Methodist Church