Church Foyer Room

The Church Foyer, which is adjacent to Bishopthorpe road entrance is usually only used on a Sunday morning, or evening when services take place.

It is, however, large enough, well lit and independently heated, sufficiently well that it is often used as a meeting space for small groups.

Situated on the ground floor, it is generally accessed via the side entrance, through the church. It cant generally be booked if the church, is in use, and if the hall was in use, access to toilets etc, would need to be via the outside of the building…however, this is a beautiful intimate space, with large glass windows looking into the church, and glass doors into Bishy road bring in even more light. Its perfect for more intimate meetings that need good access.

The foyer, has a number of leather chairs and a sofa, and additional chairs can be added, as necessary, as can be tables.

WiFi is included in the room. Projectors, stand alone screens, DVD players and amplifiers can be available for a small additional fee.

The foyer can be booked on the same terms as Room 3.